A woeful fight

A delirious cry escape my lips,
A Sojourn of emotions,
The hour of putrefaction has arrived,
Macabre words truly – why shade the truth!
Hazmat suits scope my waning breaths.

Amidst the precipice of omniscience and dread,
Restrained within the icy cask of pale withered skin,
A soul whimpers begging for release,
Writhing for solace –
From ties made of blood and love.
A surge of longing for physical touch and comforting presence –
Moreso than any other time.

Humming tunes seem to penetrate my ears,
Laughter, joy and memories conjured in the mind’s eye,
Servitude a passion of mine
– it pushed me into the frontline
A tenacity to assist the unmarked casualties presenting in droves.

Prescient warning to all;
A sage battle, with salient knights sans armoury- a costly mistake for all to see!
A wilful massacre of the last line of defense battling an invisible enemy.
Why, a little tinge of Covid-19, consolidated my lungs irrevocably!

‘Goodbye, goodbye’ – I croon in a delirious haze,
‘Enshrined in a miniature cubicle in my last days’.
Forbearing hankered onto me,
Isolation heralds a modish clout –
Life and death curated into a lonesome war.
Faceless colleagues at most to bid me farewell –
Cognizant I remain, of what is yet to come.
Fumigated and coddled in protective sheaths –
A dessicated casing will finally be laid to rest in barren land.

No last minute glimpses of a favourite face,
No wake to glorify the sacrifices made.
No consoling moments for the brethren of the infected kind.

A tapping on the window,
Grasps my brittle attention,
A handheld sign reads – ‘Thank you my fellow comrade’!
A tear escapes my tedious eyes
A long gasp soon to follow -Flickering lights call me home,
A lost dream of a battle won!

Remember the battle forges ahead with you!
So stay home, save lives and let’s fight this thing hard, I say!


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