The Other Side

Sparkles and shines,
Dazzling pearls,
Alluring enchantments
Fascinating sorcery,
Hypnotizing cacophonic tunes,
Jigs and jabs amidst the fervor,
Savouring the ambrosial tantalizing flavours,
Shielded in the shadows,
Hunger chatises the dispirited ghouls,
Adorned in shabby soiled garments,
Tears of resentment besparkle impoverished eyes,
Dancing in tandem with the incandescent moonlight glow;
Long they stood, bidding time.

Oh how garrulous proclamations enliven the affluent!
Burying seeds, promulgating the penurious sort;
Social inequality – an opportunistic design;
An abysmal despair for the depleted.

The pariahs sift through the remnants of stored provisions,
Unseen, unheard;
A life endured – an unshakeable fate,
Dire straits emaciating unwavering gumption.
Liberation and succour – a far – reaching dream ;

Lay intention in bulldozing the divergent walls cementing socioeconomic disparity,
Connivance to cease,
Prejudice – an archaic premise,
Here is to compromise and communal remodelling,
Lest we neglect to ponder -;
‘After the game, the King and the pawn go in the same box.’

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