The Wallflower

A glimpse only to be had,
Tethered against the far wall,
Satirized indiscriminately,
Deliberated upon viciously,
Not up to  par to be cast alongside most.

Arrows fired right through my heart,
Steel armours betraying their tensile strength.

Tears lulling one to sleep,
Silenced; subjugated by the alpha mob,
Shrinking – further into a cracked shell.

Dissonance often flew my way;
Being, as I was not what all expected me to be.

Underdog I was made out to be;
Top dog I turned out successfully.

Meek, young and undiscerning,
A silent blaze ignited within me,
I set about purring tenaciously,
I bellowed my roar, eventually!.

A cast of thousands inundate my story,
The illusionists that once camouflaged amongst you.

Apologies, I shall never receive,
Accountability – a foreign word if there was any,
Many continue on, unperturbed with their lives.

Sometimes I scream -;
I toiled, boiled and crawled,
To mature all parts of me -!
Come, let’s have a fair duel now;
Kicked and bled to ground –
I climbed the glass tower single handedly,
Defeat was never in my destiny!
Forgiveness I am going to grant the masses;
Not for their absolution
– merely for my soul’s proliferation;
Ultimately, a yearning for inner peace,
All the same, the Dementors deluging my heart and mind,
Engulf me in a tornado of sadness at times.

Oh, the plight of an underdog,
Grappling with the different shades and tones of humanity,
Underestimating me, will always be their greatest oversight.

Vigilante I shall now be – ;
To bury the injustice all around me,
To unveil facades and illusions,
To unravel truths,
To safeguard the oppressed,
To amalgate all and one.

I am different, and will always be;
A perfect imbalance of just ‘me’,
Pledging to hold my head high-
Loving myself no matter what.

Au revoir exorcised demons,
I pray you shall not return to haunt me again –
In those weak moments, that ensnare me.

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