In the arms of angels

In the arms of the angels,
A truth beseiged me,
Within the sweet madness,
I learned to breathe gallantly,
Salvation found me,
Divination shone away the crucifixes;
Magnificent wings sheltered the darkness,
An incandescent glow fell upon me,
Solace and peace arose within.
Floating amidst the glory of nothingness;
Such kindness and love compelled me to my knees,
Confessing gratitude and contemplation,
Invigoration raising me erect.

A strength to champion those forsaken.
Illumination of the comfort sought by the mistreated kind
The invisible cries and searing pain;
Buried under the audible garrulous masses.
Sanguineous hearts at play.
Lest we revive, the parody of the heinous ‘Hunger Games’.

Oh angels, spread thy wings-
In the magical sky;
Stargazing allows a propinquity of some type.

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