A fiery wound

Deep wounds festering within my soul,
Incinerated eons ago,
The agony has become too much to bear.
Solace impossible to find,
Unable to stem the dehiscence
of conniving scars.

Dewy eyed – patching up seem futile,
A foolish desire to be unmarked,
Antiquated in imprudent burns,
There is no reprieve from the chasmic stings.
Oh, how they transformed me!
Propelled to find peace,
Made to feel like nothing,
Expedient spiritual growth, a blessing soon to follow.
In brandishing swords, impudence besieged my very essence.
Shackled to the ghosts of the past,
Conceding defeat almost seems too easy.
Is it not what they want from me?!
Even so, there is no turning back.

Forgiveness, I grapple with;
Apologies never to be received.
An exsanguinated heart, mirroring a furrowed mind;
Unearths past burial sites,
Only skeletal finds; to soothe the angst of an unkind past.

Still, when the sun reigns again;
The pain I suppress,
Gratitude I then profess,
for the journeys had.

For the grave diggers had made folly;
A dormant creature, made insignificant most of her life;         Her tremendous strength and determination, they failed to appraise;
Exhuming herself; she persevered into the starlight;
A fiery wound – she never fails to burn bright.

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