Invincible I shall no longer be,
Confined within a life I thought was meant for me,
My shadow designated my existence,
No longer silenced, my words are returning verociously,
They don’t form as well as they once did –
For I have been out of practise you see.

My pre-existing self an illusion for all before me,
The melodies that left my cords – barely a whistle
My heartstrings adeptly maneuvered by an unseen puppeteer –
Only sweet nothings were meant to escape my drunken lips.

A fortuitous journey, magically snapped the strings binding me;
Unbeknownst to me I had the power to uncast the spell all along –
To have self- belief;
To create my own destiny;
To abdicate commodities that do not serve me;
Alas, I revel in the discovery of being free!!

Life has a way of taking you to places,
Enrapturing your heart and soul,
To be rebirth in another womb.

I have found consonants, vowels and sounds;
An abstract form of me,
A journey, a tale yearns to get out of me.

All to listen,
Hear me undoubtedly and precisely –
This is my time to shine!

Silence will no longer be my parody,
I may stutter, I may cry!
I may not speak in perfect rhymes,
Still, hear my thunderous voice
It shall echo in the frontline,
Until I have unearthed peace upon myself,
For all the muffled years, I was made to lay behind.

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