The truth shall set you free
Inscribed religiously
It’s veracity I challenge, in
slaying closeted fears
With the heart and conscience drumming to a cacophony of beats,
A repressed symphony that never lulls one to sleep,
The orchestral sonata deceiving in its vengeance in accomplishing a crescendo finish.
Guilt ardently devouring my mortal skeletal from within,
The bile and acid eroding more than just the gullet and gut,
The shaking head and the sweaty palms –
Anxiety ricochets through my livid shell.

Toiling the nights with insoluble dreams,
Yearning to redeem the misdeeds that was once me;
Even so, fighting the fear that my inner demons will be revealed so carelessly.

The secrets I keep, are innumerable,
Proverbially said – A problem shared is a problem halved;
Still the consequence had – no other will seek to commission,
The facetious life, only to be left in tatters,
How could the truth ever set me free;
To be in eternal prison, is my destiny!

An mysterious creature I am painted as,                                Dangerously enticing to the inquisitive kind,
In search of a discovery, they  embark on a foolish journey,
Only to be met with a fortress of derision if they dared to wander too close to my safe portal.
The loneliness that ensues,
Impels me to unlock the secret door
The heaviness of the hatch;
renders me to tears
For I dont possess the grit
to release it just yet.
All the debauchery latched inside me for years.
I am certain one day the door will swing open in a minute of candour,
Ignited by a spur of trust in someone I can hold true.

Until then, cloak and dagger I shall profess to play
Will you care to join me in this unfruitful game.😏

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