A ‘valuable’ journey

When there is doubt, there is a reason,
When there is fear, you are unable to get past treason.
Showing emotìon, is being human
Witholding affection; a method of madness;
Anger brandishes salvation,
Assertiveness cannot be equated to defensiveness.
Kindness brings solace to the hearts of those deserving,
Compassion an antiquated art needing finessing,
Professing vulnerability imbibes courage;
Judgement capitalizes on the unwary.
Humility-a valuable commodity,
Arrogance the facade of the insecure;
Commendation and salutation they seek;
A dismissive flick towards the undesirables – leaving scars in their wake;
Unconditional love regenerates – Healing of old wounds time and time again;
Oh how humans make choices in who they love and hate –
Why they do, it is hard to say!
A change of heart, can
brighten someone’s day.

Honesty will bring you friend and foe,
A discerning eye keeps sharks at bay,
Never seek acceptance in an ingenuous crowd;
The power to self-immolate and self-germinate lies nowhere else but within you!

Self-love is immeasurable to a dime,                                      Narcissism of a desired kind,
Epitomize one’s value and you shall always shine.

Let this be your wilful journey or maybe your crime😉 –
All to be found out in one’s own time!
Travelled this path I have several times,
Now my life has evolved into penning down rhymes,
Not to bide time but hey just for the heck of a good time!!😊

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