The Path I Walk

I remember those that walk alongside me;
I applaud those that led me;
I am humbled by those that stood for me;
I bow to those who have toiled for me;
A standing ovation I choose to give; to those who stood afar from me
For they have propelled me to reach greater heights than I could ever dream;
To walk my own path and revel in it!
I walk barefoot; the gravel like silk to my skin;
For I have learned to negate the stick and stones that broke my bones;
And indeed walk alongside the cool puddled water streaming down the tarry road;
I have no care for shoes or splashed muddy waters;
Kindness; loyalty and fortitude I take with me;
Many have offered to pave the road for me –
And that alone makes the path ahead luminous and gyrating;
For you see in life; you need to keep the ‘cheers’; get rid of the tears and leave the fears😉

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