Tearing of the veil!


Your words cut me to the core;
Neither friend nor fore –
How dare you judge me blatantly!
Your intentions to sear through my seraphic impressions of myself ;
Is cruel to say the least.

A beast wails inside of me,
My rage only for my closest to see,
The impetuous need to erupt; at times gets the best out of me;
Arising with flavours of care and affection –
The truths I speak; I cannot tolerate if projected onto me.
My intention is a noble one,
The delivery in demand of finessing.

The angelic pretense I proclaim;
Has been shattered immensely.
It is hard for me to reconcile that I have been found out,
My turmoil is testing my exuberance,
To detest is my only solution!
For accepting folly; derelicts my ego,
I am merely a hubris fool.
My false sense of self; thriving from validation of others such as you;
So please don’t peer ‘beneath the beautiful’.

I fear my veil has been torn;
And the view is a ghastly one!

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