The Belle I will be!!
39709_3_4681  "There is a fervid rage rumbling inside of me;
I swear and I rant impetuously;
Hurting the people that I care fervently for.
He brings up the worst in me!
How will I embark towards greener pastures- 
if I fail to be rid of him."

Old wounds exhume past indiscretions
The Beast that aggrieved the poor Belle
An irascible and difficult man –
Traditions and undeserving loyalty;
Protected from rightful judgement,
The resentment makes her blood boil,
The banshee in her wishes to inflict the same torments on him;
The actions deplorable and egregious.
‘I hate what I have becomean embodiement of Jekyll and Hyde.

A perfect crime was committed;
The witnesses dismissive of the encounter,
Led to demise of the willful spirit of a young exuberant Miss,
Long she struggled with the interred hurt and anger.

It was bound to explode like a fireball; exponentially ;
At the sound of a drop of pin; in the tranquil silence that besieges one with a mental illness.

The horrors that impeach her dreamy nights,
The fear of throngs; to that of trust;
To the disgust for situations and people resembling  the dreaded deed,
Jumping at the touch of another’s skin.
How she longed to be like the rest.
Loneliness ate at her heart; the more she digressed.

She often had a chat with the dopey quack on the grisly couch.
Often times, it felt like she was forging ahead;
Some days, being in the past was not for her best;
In time, she grasped why she felt like such a mess.

Inculcating subtle tricks that helped her feel tall;
Her arousal levels soon begun to fall.
She was again the Belle of the Ball.
In understanding the dual nature of her conditioning;
Forgiving the Beast was not an easy task for all.

In her sleep she now knew no pain;
Functioning and relationships she soon regained;
Reminders of him, still she could not bat away;
The visions and triggers; stole her breath away.

Belle’s intelligence and perseverance, gifted her a life of new opportunities.
The validation she sought for years she finally received;
As it dawn on others, how she had been deceived.
The Beast revealed his true form as the enchantments wore off,
Skulked off to the forest he did; never to be heard of again.

The fairy godmother on the couch – Belle visits once in a way,
Hoping to raise awareness and solutions for the battles she faces;
PTSD she suffers from; yet a human nonetheless in all other ways💪🧚‍♀️

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