The Story of You

You – I have kinship with!
You inspire me like none other,
You bring out the best in me.
Lifting me up to perch on a pedestal; that I can barely reach,
Reveling in my joyful gigs,
Commiserating in my chaos and miseries,
Some the consequence of your undoing;
Yet, it would all be forgiven in a heartbeat,
An unconditional love to be etched in my heart;
You synchronistically emerged in my life; when I needed you the most.

Our conversations so scintillating,
To speak my mind, I never feared.
Our wits so compatible – you had me in stitches!
Even when we sat in silence, we understood each other,
With you I hid nothing.
You – my best friend!

A different makeup from me you were;
Compromise was for lack of a better word- obtuse –
The pettiness of it all.
Our egos took the winning hand,
I loved earnestly and you wanted to be commitment free.
In essence, a challenge in the real-world we would have been,
The antithesis of each other materialistically.
I hold nothing against you for knowing your own mind ; Yet, I am left feeling you deceived your own heart rather than mine.

Walking away, heart heavy was what I needed to do;
I know it hurt you more than you imagined it would;
Your nonchalant attitude hoodwinked all but never me. For I know all your edges and curves, even the ones you try to iron out subtlely.

Fear not; for you have not lost me completely.
I am still your dutiful friend till the end,
Losing our bond, would be more than either of us could ever bear.

A moment of conversation in a moment of time;
Paves the way to connections and memories lasting a lifetime.
Thank you for entering my life at the strangest of times.
A part of you I will always carry with me,
Loving you in my own way,
For you are part of my soul tribe!

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