Some crave for a reaction through their inaction

I do not have a poem for you today.

A little snippet I have written instead.

Mind-games – a topic that has been on my mind ironically lately. No; it is neither the battle of wits or intelligence nor even the latest modified video game to be created.

It is a psychological battle that serves to weaken the opponent’s defences and leave them to succumb to the initiator’s desires.

An unfair duel that plays on the vulnerabilities of the targeted individual.

Psychological warfare are tactics used to reduce the opponent’s morale. I am going to refer to its use in social relationships.
We all have used behavioural manipulation at some time or the other to obtain a desired outcome whether with malicious intent or otherwise. The more negative connotations for this term include emotional abuse, bullying, passive aggressive behaviours and social exclusion amongst others.

Silent treatment is another. Where there maybe various reasons for this; narcissistic individuals commonly wield this weapon intermittently for control, to punish, to test boundaries or to avoid issues and responsibilities. The purpose is to make the victims have self-doubt in their level of significance and worthiness – to shake their confidence. The power is in identifying the vulnerabilities of the victim and using it to their advantage. The best reaction is to take no action. To walk away with deliberate intention.

Gaslighting is another common theme where the perpetrator tends to cause the victim to question their own sanity. In persuading the victim to accept their truth of the situations; the gaslighter perpetuates a co-dependent toxic relationship. At times, throwing positive reinforcements in the mix to add confusion.
There is always the charm following the offense – which leads to an ongoing cycle of toxic friendships and relationships. A pattern of hurt and adulation emerges.

** There are always red flags- even if you can’t see it, others will. So if this is happening for you – spark up your bull-shit detector, raise up that self-love; cut your losses and run🤣🤸‍♀️.

There will always be other mates and relationships. It may be better to even stand alone. Because once you lose that self-esteem, it is going to be a hard mountain to climb. Though never impossible.

Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with regards to this😊

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