My story – care to have a peek?

Hello there fellow bloggers,
I feel the time has come to reveal a little more about myself. Although a young Psychiatrist by trade, I found the healing of the mind, body and soul lies in more ways than one. Every kind word, humble gesture and a validating action goes a long way in someone’s journey to better health. Here is to inspiring change.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege to be privy to stories both inspiring and woeful. It at times has given me perspective when imbued with my own struggles. My journey has not been an easy one either and it might be why I champion the underdogs. Adversity builds character I am told🤫.
I believe that everyone can succeed if supported and guided with the relevant tools.

We are told to ‘live life to the fullest’ and that is what I aim to capture through this blog.

I claim to be no poet nor writer. I started a meaningful experience of channeling life’s lessons into self- thought poetry. The untold stories of many whose voices go unheard everyday. It is my perspective and it may not represent the collective. But here is a voice for the many struggles and triumphs of the humanistic world.

I do not aim to preach, condemn or judge but only to motivate and support if possible. In the process, I hope to raise awareness around the psychological battles many face on a day to day basis; including a social strata that we often neglect unintentionally or otherwise.

All I ask if you gain anything from the blog, pay it forward so someonelse can!!

I would like to also give a big thank you to all who have visited my blog, my subscribers and those who have taken the time to read the poems. With each one I write, I hope to consolidate my skills. My work mainly musings that come in bursts of passion.

So please spread the love; feel free to comment and offer suggestions on the posts. I have kept it low key initially for both professional and personal reasons. However, the time has come to give it more purpose.

I have unmasked myself literally and figuratively.

So come say hi and hopefully it empowers you, as it has done me!!😊

I draw inspiration from all the creative material that I read on this site and it spurs me on to pursue this path.♥️

PS: Disclaimer: All opinions expressed herein and within my blog are solely my own and not representative of any organisation or field I am affliated with.✌


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