The Boy Behind Bars

He peers at me from within the cold metal bars.
The pain etched in his eyes implores me to act
Why dont you set me free -they reprimand me
He yearns for the comfort of his mother’s arms.
Where is she?
How he was snatched away from her so thoughtlessly!
Seeking a better future from his origins, he tells me;
His blood line traversed the treacherous waters,
A voyage beyond borders,
The masked men- the smugglers; took boat money,
And ushered them quickly into the bilge of the boat,
Their shelter for what would seem like eternity,
Stale air, measly rations, colossal stowaway numbers –
Not too mention the vessel’s convoluting motions,
Definitely not what he had imagined; listening to his mother’s fantasy tales;
She had prepared him but not enough.
For she had to conceal her fears, to keep all calm for the perilous journey ahead.
She new little about the world, having never left her fiery little village.

So close to the shores they came;
Still all was lost when the seas turned rough,
A capsizing boat meant the border patrol was summoned.
He wished to have drowned at sea
Along with his fellow captives
Yet he grieved for those who maybe were just as unlucky;
In having their life end so woefully admist controversies at sea.
Humanity, solidarity, kindness – oh where does it begin and end!

A boy- escapes one hell only to be chained to another.
Justice is a mere farce.
What is my duty to this boy and all the children before me!
He is skin and bones;screams at night.
What ‘treatment’ can I offer him here.
Apart from offering him a cuddle and taking him to mummy dear
Stopping the boats, does not terminate the atrocities against humanity!

A gated centre is no sanctuary –
Furthermore for a child;
Whoms strives for protection, nurturance, intellectual stimulation and an education.
What play is there in a world of fear, distrust, abandonment and political misfires.

The trauma suffered I cannot even begin to envisage!
A destined birth in a particular geography, it seems is all it takes to endure a laborious life.

When innocents have no choice in the matter –
That is – in escaping their gutter.
Compassion calls for influencers to stop being bitter,
Colloborate to assist in making the situation better.

A gag order attempts to silence me,
Yet, I will raise my voice to make a difference.
Refugees seek more than a home;
Physical, emotional and social wellbeing – basic human rights.
Here is to releasing the shackles that leave them imprisoned;
To have the freedom –
To feel safe; have a peace of mind –
No matter where they reside amongst humankind!

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