It’s gonna be okay!

Hey there!

It is gonna be okay

I hear you gasping for a chance

Reaching out into the abyss

Trying to make a sound but the silence so deafening

You seek to shine a light into the darkness that compels you,

A challenge and yet more to endure;

You search blindly with no guide at hand

What is it you are looking for my friend!

You see all just gawking in the distance

Waiting for you to fall into serendipitous lands

When all you can do is tiptoe around amongst fiends

You try to start anew, but past mistakes hold you accountable

The flashy smiles hide the undercurrents of truths only you know

The quibbles that cut you at the seams.

It is gonna be okay

Keep your head held high

Even through all the back thumping

It so easy to let go hey;

When life comes at you from all sides

Your eyes are staring but I see the pain

The curtains are falling

I see beneath your beautiful

The walls are crumbling

I fear you are not going to last.

Hey humanites;

There is no need for words or intention

Just a little compassion

To serve someone who is sinking so deep in depression and social isolation

In being self- serving, don’t cause misery towards another

Revel in the joy and glory of friends and strangers

Caring is not a weakness

For that is ultimately what makes you human.

Hey there again lost soul;

It is okay that you are not okay!

I am right here by your side

When it feels like everyone has pushed you aside;

When the tears stream down your sides

When you have to dull an inner scream – Oh ?y! Oh why me!

My, how you numb the pain- the gaping void inside you.

When you want to give in to the good old fight

Hold on – just hold on tight

Remember to never let go; never give in -;

For you are no victim

You are a survivor,

Who keeps walking the line

The tight rope with no safety net beneath

But when you fall, I will be it!

For you are loved

You matter !!

No matter that you have no alma matter

Give no other the power to make you feel less then!!

Even when it dawns, to never let another dictate your worth in the world

I will be still be your ride and die

Cheering you on to the finish line

For who am I- if not your guardian angel😉


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