Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

Oscar Wilde

Who am I ?

I am merely me!

No other I rather be!

Oh why yes…no other I rather be!

Than the seed I am meant to be.

Why change for the rest of the world

Why dust off the fluffs – on my outer coats,

Just to become what most want me to be.

An Odyssey I am on;

To be seen, to be heard across the seas.

To speak out about hypocrisies;

A cacophony of cruel voices is not my cup of tea

Too blunt in my approach, I have been said to be.

Although, immaturity and impulsivity extricates it self intermittently

I seem to be at peace with the notorious sides of me.

My ebullience – a treat for those not feeling at their best,

Solitary time away from any buttering fest,

Rekindles my zest to be unlike the rest.

I put everyone to test,

A monopoly of lies, I so detest!

My traditions and roots, I still hold dearly,

Many dont realize, I am still a child at heart really.

I am strong, for all to see,

Yet, I am a softie to the tee.

See, the rhymes are in a sense about me

For I want all to feel free –

to be the way they yearn to be!!!

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