The Masked Illusionist

I am an illusionist,

Facades hiding behind a mask,

What magic tricks I convey for all to see,

Intricate acts that attracts masses of a kind,

Yet, I neither aim to deceive or entertain,

A blank canvass;

To paint with colourful imagery,

My fingers clamp down on the brush of literacy.

In euphoric esctasy, I shine a light on idiosyncrasies;

The qualms of humanistic intentions,

Filled with melodramatic expressions of hostilities, self-doubt and debauchery.

Fickle-minded I am not,

Going with the flow, my only motto.

Mindful that one who revels in their own heart,

Seek passions that lead to a contentment of sorts;

Self- destruction necessitates no magical wand,

Apart from possession of a convoluted mind and a compartmentalized heart,

So tantalizing the need to be heard and seen;

To not be walked upon and be quelled away,

Stemming from a mirage of fears of acceptance and desire for company,

A solidified mask never tantalizes the inner soul;

To unmask my inner witch, I begun,

All true characters eventually came to light,

An aberration to be pushed aside,

I was never worth their while.

Self- love and inspiration came with time,

Alongside those that love me best;

I flew off on a broom into the night sky.

Swiftly an undulating wave of congeniality and graciousness followed dearly,

How they gawked at the measly girl who was once seen but never heard.

Far in the audience, I let them be,

As they admired my performance covetously.

I had entered a circle not meant for me,

And all the vultures were coming at me.

Possesing a keen eye unlike many,

Disingenous overtures were given a swift kick in the fanny!

My heart still a casualty from faults of one too many.

The bird had sung,

The only respect to be earned – was from within.

I shall not wear a masquerade at my own ball,

My scars are for all to see,

I wear them proudly.

Those who look away,

It is their eyes that ache, with my authenticity.

Oh my, if they only knew!

Potions and spells I may spit out,

Yet, the cauldron works with a simple tenacious believe that it would.

The recipes are familiar to many; it just may require a restful mind and a soulful stir.

I am no spell-caster,

Merely a simple humanite –

my make-up is similar to any other;

Harnessing the true power within my being,

I dispelled the toxic and channel the positive.

Illusionist I am not, Manifestor I am;

In realising my destiny lies in what magic I create.

I am still learning everyday as I move forward to better days;

My resilience building up more than I can say,

To deal with various humanistic ways.

So what illusions do You cast everyday;

Please do share your fantastic tale😉


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