The fairytale dream

Standing by the door,

My luggage sitting on the floor,

My spirit roaring to journey towards the shore,

The blustering winds call out to me,

The melodious birdsongs sweeten the deal for me.

So why do my legs feel so heavy,

My heart thumping with each minute that hankers by;

My destiny awaits me!

Yet, I have to farewell the life planned for me;

The dreams that I had envisioned were coming for me,

The ones that I had thought were so perfect and concise.

Sometimes I wonder,

Why I dare to dream!

In fact if all I were to have was merely a fantasy

That perhaps what awaits me, is nothing more than a masquerade of hypocrisies;

My mind playing tricks on me,

To potray an illusion of fulfillment of aspiration of hopes and dreams,

What if I am lumbering on to a buoyancy of seas,

Only to be swept away by a tsunami of misery, calamity and crookery.

The other side of me chides me so,

No mind reader I am to predict the future of sorts,

Simplicity and guilelessness my failing,

My naivety necessitates worldly travels,

To be inebriated with maturity of the street-wise,

All my mistakes to shape me for the better.

Only I am the steerer of my dreams,

And captain of my own ship I shall be,

Throw off the luggage if need be, but if shipwrecked I shall swim to shore with all my might;

Drowning in my fate, will not be my destiny.

I clear the noisy chatter in my head,

My legs feeling lighter with every step,

A girdle strapped around my heart and a fair mind in tow,

That is how the girl with a child-like wonder and a trusting soul began her journey.

Bursting out of her cocoon into the world of living things, she did;

Although merely a moth, conspicous and brave she remained in attracting light to every experience she sought;

Lifting her wings and flying towards a fanciful life,

She crafted her own magical way of being without needing any fairy dust to throw.


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