Fascism, Nepotism, Capitalism and the likes, disbanding unanimity in time,
Racism, Dogmatism and Egotism – the prisms that polarize solidarity amongst humankind,
The affliction of diversity,
Atrocities in the name of supercillous believes,
Alienation based on crass, creed, morals and class.

Why this massive divide?
Amplification of partitions instead of mending breaks,
Looking for blame to navigate catastrophic straits,
Blood sheds, tongue wags admists skin shreds.

Hankering for a homogenous utopian society
Eugenics further renders the threat of seeking an indefectible society
An embryonic anomaly, now an abhorrent parental calamity
Contempt and fear transgresses historic times,
Inciting again the need to breed above one own’s kind.

Lest we forget the crucial preservation of interindividual variation,
Homo sapiens we all are – derived from the same pluripotent stem cells.

My fellow humanites,

Their blood and tears sting the same as you,
They share comparable pangs of hunger, pain, love and desolation,
They possess family and friends identical to you.

Alas each born under different stars, their life’s journey may be discordant to yours.

Some may not be as eloquent, intelligent or physically-abled as you,
Many may not resemble you,
Others perhaps originate from a foreign place to you,
Some may invoke prayers unparallel to you or not be divinely inclined at all.

So embrace the similarities and respect the differences!
Even if they dont conform to your norm,
The dissimilarities should never be deplored.

Coalesce with all- not only with the analogous fans,
There is no fear in divergence – only in a cause that ushers segregation and violence.

Merely tenants of this earthly realm;
Hey, let’s all worldy beings live in peaceful flair !!

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