A new heart

I am strong,
I am bolder,
The effervescence of my cold rage simmering down,
The thawing of a frozen heart.

There is a skip in my footsteps down the footpath,
Letting go of old resentments,
Opening the heart and mind to new opportunities,
Sounds so effortless in penning it down;
Yet the voyage is convoluted.

Conviviality, congeniality, vivaciousness;
Hides the nongregarious, reclusive tendencies;
Of the woeful heart.

The lamentations of broken trust and misplaced loyalty,
How does one go about hashing a clean slate,
A human I am, a robot I am not.

Still the soul yearns for fire,
It looks for fodder to spurn the blaze,
One can choose to be dispirited,
Or play the hand one is dealt with.

My heart now skips a bit,
In anticipation of the journey that is to come,
An open mind and heart goes hand in hand;
In surreptitiously re-awakening the jubilance that I once possessed.

Oh my, could it be possible that I have learned to love again;
An unconditional endearment hankers me to do so!

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