Fanning the flames

The fire is burning brighter than ever
Setting alight a blaze like no other
The incandescent flames devouring the oily canisters
Their fervor palpable through the searing temperatures
Melting all that heeds its way
Metal or wood – what is the difference when all suffer in the same way?
Its luminosity shadowing the night sky with an iridescent reddish hue
The aftermath, the silence, the angst
Belies its mercurial temperament
Leaves one in despair for fanning the flames
For revelling in its majestic beauty, the heat, the commanding presence
Lulled into a scintillating trance
The shimmering glows conspire to hide its capacity for mass destruction
Sorting through the ashes,
The embers, a spark- the only flickering remnants of a scorching pyre
Amongst the rubble,
It leaps to life again,
With nothing left to burn,
The fire brigade – I shall not call again,
To rain on my fiery parade.

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