My journey

I am proud of my scars
I am proud of my journey
I have nothing to hide by being me
I am imperfect, I have made mistakes
But that is for no one to judge except me
I have learnt what I dont want to turn out to be
The lessons heart-wrenching yet so illuminating
I have learned to be kind, humble and self-sacrificing
Still my boundaries are stead clear
I am no pushover
Never bite the hand that feeds you
For my venom is known to be one of a kind
Resentment i still need to let go
Changing the hurt into something new
My heart remains soft within
Its outer pericardium protecting it verociously.
So this is me for better or for worse
Life’s experiences has thought me my worth
Till end of time, I will always lend a hand
To those who are in need
Because that is what is written in the sand
Understanding at times, underhanded souls may cause me to weep
Dawn another day here I am,
Transformed so I am my biggest fan,
Never doubt who and what you can be
Shoulder your burden and take a leap.
Keep those that propel you around and diss the naysayers to the ground
I promise you abundance will come your away
When you least expect it to be!
And when success comes, dont let your head get too round
Use it insted to make a useful sound.


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