Making a better today – a poem for the day

Come away, come away; I say

From the thorny bushes and thistles that run deep,

Let the light within your soul shine you out of the darkest hole ,

Its hard to be kind in this cruel world,

Yet, let love guide you through it all, when the world is so bleak that you can’t see at all,

But don’t mistake my kindness for weakness,

For it is my strength that makes me sweet,

I am not a rock or a totem pole,

I am loyal till you push me aside, the thorny bushes cut so deep; I bleed but I heal,

I will not lose faith in the human race,

Self-love has taught me to receive my dues,

Always remember the days of blood, sweat and glory,

As forsaking both friend and foe may lead to misery,

Loyalty, compassion and empathy – words that can change the world’s ways,

A regret of yesterday is not for today,

Still, how I yearn for the yonder days,

When aberration was not cause for calamity,

When life was focussed on unity and diversity,

I will cherish every single day,

For the memories of yesterday,

Makes me want to make a BETTER today!!

To all of you out there – here is to having illuminated

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