Battling the big C🥊❤

It was just another summer’s day, if I recall correctly;
When I started on this journey,
The sun rays beating hard on me, the heat warming up my skin,
Though that was not what concerned me,
‘Its the big C’, the forlorn doctor said shaking his head
Its back again; I surmised,
Oh the old toil with pain and misery,
Not only for me but all within my vicinity,
How I wanted to wallow in my own grief,
Yet needing might to tell friends and family,
Life is so ephemeral,
What a destined life this is,
My hair was just getting boundlessly long,
What an arbitrary thought- to be so vain, when at a loss,
Not to mention, how my life was going nicely along,
Battles as this are not easy,
Having fought many a battle previously,
Only then I didn’t have as much to lose,
As I am now called to Death’s door;
I take up the challenge bestowed upon me,
Recalling loved ones that were not so lucky,
I navigate the help of science and the ethereal,
Not wanting to chide either one;
I dull an inner scream;
‘Bring it on; Is this the best you can do!’
Pour the best armamentarium of modern medicine into me,
Magnetic rays; sun rays- what is the difference- both hurt my skin,
Take your razor sharp blades and run it swiftly through my bleeding organs,
I got a life to get back to,
A warrior spirit- I have!
Still, I will be down a day or too,
The ‘Elixirs of Life’ sometimes making me feel sicker, rather than better,
Though I should know better; that being every patient’s perception😉,
Alas, I am up and winning the fight- even if it is just for now,
Just like how some say there is a fine line between personal ambition and ruthlessness,
Fighting with fate and destiny is a skirmish contest,
Requiring one to persistently occupy the frontline,
Nevertheless, I am stronger for having skirted the entryway of Heaven and Earth,
All the while, counting my blessings since birth,
So lets get more support for the countless others on this journey,
For be mindful, somedays they will push you away,
Their moodiness and tears will drive you crazy,
Overwhelming you and making you hazy,
But have the grit to stick by them,
Put yourself in their shoes,
They are in pain and scared shitless for what is to come,
Needing you more than ever, to aid them with their stresses,
And help them reclaim their senses,
So here here – to the unsung heroes everywhere;
Thanking most of all their beautiful families❤!!

 (In conjunction with World Cancer Week- let us give a shout out to cancer survivors and their avid supporters.

An unwitnessed battle for most;
Captured in 1st & 3rd person – here is another voice for you!! Take a min to listen pls😊)

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