Uncertainty- poem

Has your mind ever been riddled with anxious thoughts – that overwhelms you and catapults your life into negativity. Here is a snippet for many who have yet to experience the tsunami of emotional uncertainty . Confront your fears and fear not to be judged.

The shimmering incandescent sunlight, skims through my curtained window,
Beckoning me to show reverence to its impeccable reddish glow,
Obscuring the truth of what the day held for me,
Awakening me from my deep slumber in the world of incomprehensible dreams,
I heed to the impervious calls of the rising sun,
I rise from bed with a quick stride,
Lumbering across the mound of uncertainty surrounding me,
Standing on the brink of a revolutionary precipice,
A hankering to peruse the mall; my resolve tightens,
My pace quickens,
The morning air begins to feel arid and dry;
Heart starting to pump more ferociously,
The limbs unwillingly committing to a Michael Jackson like dance,
I gasp desperately;
The vision notably blurry,
It is not the lack of ventilation, causing me to asphyxiate so suddenly;
Panic attack appears to be the right terminology,
I clasp at the inculcated knowledge in the deep recesses of my brain,
To only persevere with oxygenating the mind;
Snuffing out all other toxic streams that is crippling the breath,
The austerity of the world drown me so,
Yet I push forward to overcome,
The solidarity of the ground, pulling me to fore,
I glimpse the radiant sun,
Once more, reminded of all the good that is to come,
There will be more moments where I will be overcomed,
Still with ministration and self- determination,
I assuage my troubles,
Plunging off the precipice is my resolute today,
If I dont confront my fears, how will I will have a better tomorrow;
There are many similarly all around the world,
Their anxiety slaving them behind masks and closed doors,
Positive reinforcement an impetus for change;
So don’t judge harshly, when my anxiety circumnavigates me,
In taking every bend, there is never a certainty of what lies at the end,
Yet, the possession of integrity, compassion and kindness- does not have to be!

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