I See You

(Capturing the netflix show -You)

Hello there,
Do you see me watching you,
Do you see me in the shadows,
Or are you to busy creating illusions of you,
I see you in so many ways,
I see your broken smile,
I see it in your eyes- all the pain you hide,
I have seen you cry but was to insecure to ask why,
I dont me to pry,
I am no creeper or stalker,
I just want to be your saviour,
But I know you dont need my saving,
Maybe I am just damaged from my upbringing,
A little delusional but that’s not nothing that cant be cured, right!
Though I know it makes me dangerous, so I am glad not to be caught,
Will you teach me how to love,
To love more than mistrust, jealousy and hate,
To stop this violent spate,
Its just some days I love you more than myself ,
Hence, I don’t know what to do with that ,
Maybe that is the problem in itself,
Needing to love myself a little more than that,
And take my inner demons to the stake.

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