Facades oh what an art,
I have a special gift of pulling them apart,
But will I like what I find underneath the mask,
Who is the soul, that hides beneath; My mind is intrigued,
Sometimes what you seek is what you thought all along,
Other times, you wish you just played along,
Facades do not have to be vile,
Protective-it can be the much needed armor,
Fake it, till you make it- indeed has a greater meaning for some,
When you fear vulnerability by exposing the emotions that bubble within;
On the days you have to show might,
Even when you dont feel right,
Admist being impartial and executing function,
Expounding professionalism in conjuction,
If its for a better fight – why not!
Though beware – the masquerades becomes you, Lingering long after the ball; the heart and mind wilts alongside it,
The inner battle of the Freudian egoes does not come easy for the faint hearted,
As the lion within roars for release from its self-made enclosures,
Admist this chaos, caution is to be had;
Of the charming fronts cavorted by sociopaths, narcissists and all others in the no conscience path,
Confronting these talented actors, necessitates a battalion at hand,
Affronted they envelope others in turmoil,
About whose mask is really tearing apart surreptitiously,
Yet, if one remains true to one’s path,
One is protected from the world of fronts,
All take on a role in this pre-casted world;
Some requiring facades more than others,
Mercifully all facades unveil over time,
Still, it may be too late for some;
As the damage may already have been done.

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