Some gather shine by forming or staying in covens;
Others shine the brightest when prefering to stand alone,
Which one are you or indeed is there even a need to choose,
The illusion of popularity, supremacy and egocentrity is all for the taking,
Either way stop excluding,
Move beyond the tiers of race, creed, achievements, intellect, monetary pursuits and Myer- Briggs pigeon-holing,
Human connections are worth saving,
More than ambitions, insecurities and acts of shunning,
If you still think that you are better than another,
Then there is lots more that
you need to uncover.
Alas, some connections are too trying and need severing,
You know those ties: –
The ones that dim your light,
The ones that drag you into the darkness; long before you can help shine the light,
Not to mention the dual-toned ties ;
So dicey it can drive a lance through the posterior thorax of those with unseeing eyes,
Oh well that is the life,
Where sometimes the only circuit worth saving is that of you and your lovely neurons 😉

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