The social injustice # Pain at its best captured as a first person narrative

Why keep trampling on my heart,
Does it feel good to tear it right out,
There is only so much I can take,
With this stake still stuck in my heart,
Does it feel good to be one – upping me all the time,
Leopards never change their spots,
All you on the high road keep forsaking me,
How did I cause you to lose heart,
What facades all keep for everyone to see,
Pretension to have the knowledge at hand,
But don’t practise the very thing they instill,
How can people be so taken up by this fantasy,
Bullying is not only restricted to class halls,
It could happen even when your mature and tall,
It could even be the whispers behind closed doors,
I keep saying you can’t beat me down – but indeed you have,
Is that what you want or are you too happy to care,
For the world doesn’t want someone that is better or lesser than them,
They want equivalent fans;
All have a part in it for themselves;
No one cares about how it damages your heartstrings,
I thought I was strong but I dont think I can;
You know about my struggles,
Yet why do you hurt me so; Even when I am trying the best I can,
You don’t get to say I am sensitive with dramatic flair,
When I have laid all my emotions bare,
Oh the mind games- don’t you all dare,
It is deflection at best; from the problems at hand,
Its nice to project blame and cause me shame,
Why does no one stand up for my name,
When all know who is within the game,
Thank you world for showing me what is truly fair,
Maybe I should resign to the fact that I am my only fan,
So no one can hurt me like everyone has,
Lest we forget; the energy vampires that pounce on blood donors but never donating themselves,
Oh what a world this is;
Still, I will not loose faith- for I know there are many that indeed truly care,
I will wait for a change of heart,
Now that I have poured it all out.

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