You can be saintly without being a saint (The word play)

Helping others cannot be termed “narcissictic gratification”, “saviour complex”or being “holier than thou”. It is “putting yourself in others shoes”- namely empathy and making an effort to give kindness and love to another.
Self-love- is not being ‘grandiose’, entitled’, ‘egocentric’ or ‘defensive’.
It is amongst others – having the strength to embrace all of you, stand up for your beliefs and having unconditional respect for yourself.
Investing in the aforementioned renders peace to you and others.

Negative energies like hate, deceit, envy and jealousy; leaves your heart weak in the end. So put your ego away and try doing without it somedays. Its humbling to be kind.

Still it is your life- so live it how you wish. I am not here to preach. However, be mindful as your actions and inactions do impact others. As Newton said, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” In the game of words/actions, there is always a play for Victim or Victor. Though neither ends up feeling like a winner.

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