Taking time out

The silhoutte of the austere moon beckons me home,
The rays of the setting sun shield me from the unblinding truths,
The sweet scents of the psychedelic tulips hypnotize me,
The soft mound underneath me moulding so perfectly,
The swirl of the wind rouses me from oblivion,
The hooting of the owl, ominous to the materialization of night,
Exhilariting it is, being one with nature
The race against time; So much on the mind;
There is a need to invigorate the soul and seek redemption within the foliage of leaves, river and dust,
Away from the mindless chatter;
And the overzealous goals;
And the covetous and the rapacious mercenaries,
The mind rest and breathes easy,
Aah the feeling of serenity on leaving the
Provides grit to navigate civilization
Till my next folly with the greenery, I forge forward branded anew!

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