Do you possess the power,
The strength of the mind, body and soul;
The ultimate celestial, cardinal, sovereign force;
The power to achieve dreams, to manifest abundance, to bring joy and happiness,
The power to influence change in the rightful way,
Or is it other worldly powers you possess;
The power of numbers
The powers of envy and greed
The power of intimidation- possession of control to hurt others, to marginalize, to be dictatorial,
There is no judgement, each one to their own,
But look in the mirror and the answer may find you,
Amidst the perilous powers of society, the biggest force of change is you!
Being powerful means believing in your strength and letting others believe in it too,
For no one has the power to break you,
For no one can make you feel less,
For no can make you a Victim or Victor,
Except YOU!!
Abuse of power always comes with a price -its called Karma,
Certainly seems to rhyme with Dharma😜
I aim to inspire not cause others to perspire,
If you experiencing the latter,
Then, maybe there are some things that need thinking through,
Like how to prepare for change.

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