I am strong

I am unleashing my power,
Careful not to get swept away; in the tornado of righteous play,
Can’t you see my flames;
Dont go fanning it or you will be burnt by the fiery blaze,
I am a new soul these days,
Try and test me further,
And you might experience the long awaited combustion of Judgement Day,
The heat in the air is so palpable,
That is because I am on fire,
No more sorrows to be drowned;
As I have fought them all in the hidden grounds,
I am a fighter- but now is for all to know,
Yet lead me to the boxing ring,
I will show you that no fight is worth the blood, tears and pain,
A king hit punch always does my head in – even till this day,
My body broken; my spirit still strong,
I learnt another way,
That the power of love and kindness can heal like no other;
Accepting grief and losses – another strong contender,
A winner then emerges from the shadows,
Banishing their ego and standing true for what is right or wrong,
Unleashing my power- I am today;
And no one is going to stand in my way!
Not even you😉

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