Hear is a Voice for you and me

Well the journey begins. I find the white- collared lifestyle of a rat race can lead you to undermine the subtle passions in life.

There is often a verocious hunger to posess; climb and expand. There is ambition and goals but there is also compassion, wisdom and loyalty. How far does one go in seeking fame, recogntion, success and even knowledge? I often ponder on the faith of others who were not dealt the same hand. It would be nice achieving the pinnacles of success and giving back to those very same people.

I believe in achieving Triumph, it is never to cause others defeat. And it is true that success is usually the fruits of your own labour. Often enough though many struggle to even have the tools to reach that level.

I intent to give a voice to all in between the underdog, the milkman and the affluent. Still, I want to resonate the unheard voices of those who hide in the shadows – their stories I shall tell.

I just aim to be me in this blog. I would like to bring a different perspective to life. Stories that I hope reaches the audience that it needs to.

Prior to launching this blog, I have shared my novice poems on a smaller scale to convey meaningful messages.

Not for fame or recognition – I hope this blog does what it needs to do.

I aim to motivate and provide change through words – such a powerful sword that can both will change or hurt depending on the mix of syntaxes in a sentence.

I am just a humble servant of circumstances, that has enabled me this opportunity to discuss some taboo truths about life and spread some love in the world!

Continue on this journey with me to see how the story ends!!

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