I still will be here

When the inner demons show up on on their own;
When you are alone,
And the hurt consumes all of you,
I will be here.

When you have the battles of the head and heart;
And it all seems overwhelming,
I will be here.

When you think no one understands where you are coming from,
I will try and offer a listening ear.

When the silence of night is so deafening,
And the weight of the world is on your shoulders,
I will be here.

When the memories of ‘the sharpest words that cut you down’ re- emerges;
Use it to fuel your fire,
For no one has the power to break you except YOU.

So don’t give up today;
For I am here.
So just keep fighting;
For I am here.

There are so many ‘I’s around you- more than you realize,
Just reach out and you will be surprised at what you find.

Be brave and embrace your scars;
There is nothing to fear,
For you are stronger now; than you were yesterday,
So rise like the phoenix from the ashes,
And guess what ‘I’ still will be here,
And so will everyone else.

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