The short tale of the vagabond and braggart

The short tale of the vagabond and braggart(a cheeky rendition😉)

The vagabond and the braggart;
Where do their similiarties begin and their differences end;
The vagabond, a nomadic traveller;
The braggart, the self-obsessed preacher ;
One forsakes his ego to seek nourishment and
the other nourishes his ego through self-proclamation;
In essence they both lack security;
One lacks material growth and the other expounds wealth, nobility and achievements;
Both live a life of hell, never knowing where to end;
Impressions speaks a thousand words for the braggart;
Therein lies their difference, for all the nomadic traveller seeks, is a thousand yen;
May they both find validation in what they seek;
To enable their souls to have a peaceful sleep.

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