Hear is voice for 2019!!

A voice is more than just a vibration coming from the larynx
The resulting words, more meaningful than its rooted prefix and suffix
Your voice, your words can do so much more than make someone’s day
Use your words to inspire strength
Use your voice to create some sense
Make some noise because you can
Use your voice to impede an offense
Lets give a voice to those who hide in the shadows
The silence so deafening, their faces so unassuming
Their cries for help muted amongst this materialistic business that seems to be booming,
So be the sound that gives them hope,
Be the audience thats helps them to cope,
You don’t have to be their saviour, just lend them a rope,
In raising your voice, be yourself nonetheless
As although words convey action, its in the thoughts that lies the intention,
Create a better today for tomorrow by widening our dimension,
As it is fortuitous, our education affords us words to reduce wordly tension.

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