Hushed Voices

Garrulous voices occupy spaces,
Drowning out the bashful tones,
Uproars and harangued speeches draw in the crowd,
Extroversion works the room,
Applause follows suit.
For the timid kind,
The arena hence not favourable;
Personal reflections drummed out by dominant vocalisations,
Emotional reticence herald an inferior trait.

Opinions are the universal rights of all humankind;
Deliberate, be considerate,
Have observance for the wallflower amongst you.
Some prefer not to advertise;
To dramatise one’s –
Intellect, Fervor, Conversance and the like.

Performance the genre for vampent actors and circus theatrics.
Listening, an auditory skill –
Fading out languidly into the shadows.
A beautiful voice serenades all,
A caesura – a musical break;
Enables gentle notes to reach a falsetto.
The fortuity to be expressive must be awarded generously.

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