Goodbye My Queen🧚‍♀️


My beautiful mother;
Your loss leaves me wanting,
The pangs of longing and cavernous agony;
Time shall teach me to disengage;
From a soul adorned with love and compassion.
‘Goodbye’ leaves an unsavoury tang,
Loyal comrades – we endeavoured to provide a soft landing;
A calvary pledging allegiance into a final battle,
Disbanding the armoury ultimately.
Unyielding courage, to be exhumed,
A profound heaviness cocoons me so.
Even from the heavens;
Your smile croons lullabies of comfort,
A magical warmth surrounds all; –
Cinders from a pyre.
Nurturer, Protector, Best Friend;
Goodbye my beautiful angel;
My strongest ally,
The best thing that ever happened to me.
Marvellous adventures had with both glories and groans,
Unparalled gratitude overwhelms our hearts.
Enchanting wings;
finally resting in peace;
Picture in a frame – renders solace to broken hearts.
A legacy to live on –
Although worlds apart,
Forever in our hearts –
Memories etched, shall be!!!❤🧚‍♀️

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