A jargon, casting aspersions for some,
Abhorrent whispers;
Weeping, a sight to be hidden,
Malfunction, a disordered function that must be righted;
Cognitive distortions, not to be voiced,
For many consider it a vice,
That must be shunned.
Silent withdrawal, the lack of gusto in speech and movement,
Edginess and disconcerting glances fill the surroundings;
Jostling with a melancholic afflicted individual, draining -;
The dysphoria palpable,
Aversion, fear, discomfort –
Yielding others to pull away from the tear gas sprayed their way.
Melancholia, offers a wicked glee behind the cover of its tempered mask;
For, now it is free to do as it please,
Drawing in the shadows closer
The melancholic seeks comfort in sleeping the darkness away,
Neither kin nor desolate is at peace,
In that, we learn that if either side had allowed the other in;
Maybe, just maybe –
The outcome may have had a positive tone.
Connections and persistence provide sustenance to those in pain;
Reaching out is never in vain,
Big gains to be made with psycho-education,
Ushering mental health awareness to the fore;
Sufferers and their loved ones could not agree more.

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