Run! Run!

Woken up unprecedently,
Imbibed by the darkness, caging in,
Desperately clutching for a bursts of fresh air,
Drenched in salty droplets,
The lacrimal glands and sweat glands laboring in unison;

The walls seems to be closing in on me,
Let me out! Let me out!
My voice barely a whisper,
With a parched throat, it was all I could muster,
I whimpered quietly,
For on my side,
Two young children and a wife laid in my tiny bed.

A better life they said,
So voyage I set,
Seeking safety, mercy and basic humanity.
Oh, how I got it so wrong!
An enshrined dream, now an apocalypse.
Carted on a plane;
Determined to be illegally foraging in a first world country.
Detention was where I deserved to be.
What unimaginable catastrophe,
Why can’t others see,
My family and I were forced to flee.

Human rights abolished in the name of politics;
Living in perpetual uncertainty,
The fear of being returned to atrocities,
Yet, shunned in all other countries,
My children subject to profanities,
Their first words illegal refugees,
Once gregarious and full of life, my little ones are now subdued with morose eyes;
Aye, how society is partitioned by grid lines.

I have come to know,
A world of barbed wires, foreign languages and harsh amenities;
Ailments languishing in medical neglect,
The Parliment saying no to Medevac.

Regret and anguish ambushes my soul,
Every father’s dream for their child –
Never included raising them behind bars.

Merry Christmas Merry Christmas all sing,
There is nothing to be merry,
In being a prisoner of man-made destiny,
Even prisoners know their fate,
If not their release date.

My pockets are bare, my hands are trodden;
My trust in humanity broken,
There is nothing more to be said,
The fault of being born in the wrong place at the wrong time,
Has made me unworthy of having a safe home.

Out of the frying pan into the fire,I foolishly delved.
Fan the flames, many opponents did,
Who is going to help douse the flames?
Before all my hopes and dreams shatter;
My fighting will to cease forever!!

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