Listen to my words…

My convictions do not meander into arrogance,
My words arising from silence,
My boldness from having been meek,
My strength aspiring from past misadventures,
To champion the masses, I pledge;
Having battled alone –
Passionate I am in sheltering others under my wing;
Finite disappoinments shall never doùse the blaze of infinite hope,
Never fear being judged upon,
The perception of others does not dictate your self-worth.
Compassion I profess,

Harbouring a gratitude for all the kindness that is overwhelming.

Tabooed truths I daringly confront, despite the glaring discomforts it inculcates for some;
Some truths just nèed to be displayed,
Even so, I still observe more than I convey.

How about treating each other a smidgen better,
By taking accountability for our mistakes;
By respecting the differences amongst ourselves.
Infallible I am not, but to be ‘real’ I desire to be;
Deception and egoism I loathe desperately,
Loyalty and self-respect I insinuate persistently,
Injustice to another is indefensible conduct,
The guilt and karma to haunt one’s eternal peace.

A quiet voice is rising in recent days –
To be assertive in satirical ways.
Combat merely a peasant’s play, Mature communication steals the trophy any day.

Silence has been contended far too long,
The time has emerged for all have to have an equal say;
Their words and presence as signficant as yours and mine,
Listen impartially to what all are
trying to convey! 🗣👂


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