What do you know of bullying?
It exists in all shapes and sizes,
It is not always about the kicks and punches;
The humiliation and the social exclusion –
Bleeds the heart, same as does the skeletal breaks and the bruised appendages.

Do you know what it feels like to be the victim?
Either way stand up and say no to bullying.

The effects enduring,
The casualties vary,
Some too fat and some are too skinny;
Not too smart or not too witty!
Segregated from the masses,
For their divergence.
Why are some so intimidated by differences?
Why cause others to thrive in loneliness?
To be made to feel like one can’t belong!
To be made to feel small!
Who decides what is right and wrong ?
Mocking of the genes that one can’t comprehend
Justifying misdeeds inconsequentially,
The bullying done surreptitiously,
The proof, then unpalatable for others to consume.

So the torment ensues-
Let us be malicious and spread gossip and lies,
Even better, ostracise,
We have our laughs,
We have our fun
Look at that, is that tears brimming in their eyes,
Such a wuss, let us run!

Do you know what it is like to be pushed aside?
Have you ever stepped in the shoes, worn by the underdog kind?
Have you ever sat behind,
Had silence bereft onto you,
To have to stand alone and fight for only you!

Open your heart,
Open your mind,
Model compassion and never take on the judgmental paradigm;
Supercilious behaviour, is indeed snide!
Illustrate to the young how not to stratify.
Amalgamation is a necessity –
Why the need for social apartheid;
“Say No to Bullying’!
For the consequences are far reaching beyond what you might see.
But really, what is to be gained from hurting another- only sadistic tendencies😏

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