Lessons in life!

A life without meaning and poignance,
Is indeed no life at all

Like the ephemeral waves,
Life’s journey is like a long string with knots and bends

The hurdles in life amplifies resilience,
Some struggles leave much to be desired,
Yet, mutable challenges enhancing empathy for those battling the invariables

The infusion of purpose and determination into existence,
Releases impasses and richochets one’s life into action

The mirror effect,
Every reaction leading to an equal and opposite reaction,
Pay it forward as some say

Suceed today to help another suceed tomorrow,
Be altruistic at times but always be kind,
Persevere with humility and generosity –
even when it comes to food and wine;
It need not always relate to money; Giving time and love may fulfill the yearning that exists for some

Care for the elderly – as their withering bodies and mind; seek solace in you,
When senescence hits, your welfare will be contigent on others too

Words so powerful – a tool that can maim but also pacify
Use it wisely and it will heal many,
Use it foolishly and chaos entwines

Alas lets relinquish egocentricity and embrace philanthropyā¤

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