A venerable fight;
Freedom conferred, seldom transpires without affixed strings;
Unshackled herein, only to be bound hereafter;
Illuminated by the bridges burnt;
The ties cut;
The prisons of fear dispelled upon;
The solitariness sought.

Victories procured,
The peace of mind wrangled
Enslaves one to a chasm of depletion.

Hindering the burdens that weighs the mortal casing down;
Flying away whimsically into skirmish seas.

Liberty is to illustrate an illusion ,
Unrestraint fulfillment of an unabiding freewill,
A pervious mind departed from physical constraints,
Abraised of accountability to all and sundry,
Unfettered to brand mistakes, to conspire dreams,
To meander injustice and moral gateways.

Freedom has its price,
Tales of caution to be recited;
By the time, amnesty is sought for the exertion of power,
Purview is lost to tether oneself to all that matters!

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