To let go!

Letting go I must,
Unshackling the remnants of air from my lungs,
There is no point of return;
An innate fear engulfs me,
Anticipating the darkness within to consume me whole.

Letting go has been the hardest thing to do,
To surrender all that propelled me through;
Limiting beliefs incinerated by fuels of rage, fear and guilt dissipate into thin air.
Isn’t this what I wanted?
My vacillation is astonishing!

Letting go, will never hold true,
Part of me tethered miserly to the strastosphere,
Never to master the act of leaving,
The courage to remain sturdy,
Letting go has no meaning,
The abyss is calling,
The liberation unfulfilling,
An extant soul’s desire,
Will never suceed into fruition.

Unshackled I have been –
From the chains of life.
Letting go has never been easy,
Even harder as the body clock goes tick tock;
You know your time is up,
Yet, you are far from ready to emancipate!!t

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