Angel on Earth

The way you look at me,
The glint in your eyes,
The radiant smile that gleams off your face, when I come into your line of sight,
The unconditional love you have for me, leaves me overwhelmed.

I feel most at peace when in your arms,
You quench my thirst for security,
Draining my worries away,
Your warmth is all I need,
Thank you for being there through thick and thin.

You seem so frail in recent days,
The befuddled look on your face;
Reflects the fear of coming days,
The memories of only recent time remain in your mind,
The anxiety in your eyes when you try to put together place and time,
Oh how fearsome and tiresome it must be for you!

Such a caring soul you were to all,
Angel on earth you were to me,
The rewards you reap from your generous ways,
May they always keep you blessed, so you never weep.

How everyone use to flock around you because you were such a giver,
Not to mention an excellent healer,
In senescence when you are so lonely, all seem to have disappeared on desert trails.
Oh what a self-absorbed world we live in!

If only I could give you as much as you have given me,
Yet, your shoes are too big for me to fill.

Oh my dear mother, may you always have me by your side
Being apart from you, tears me up inside,
But you always wanted me to live my life.

So all I am, I dedicate to you fully,
Thank you for being my invariable muse,
I have come thus far with you being my spirit guide,
Here is to many more years of celebration alongside you,
For what is my success or happiness if I don’t have you!

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