In an era where lifestyles have become more stressful & hectic than any other, it can be hard at times to see much more than a blur. Yet instead of taking a break, most of us tend to keep going till we’re burnt out or a medical mess…
Cue Reiki, a beautiful facet of universal energy that balances and aligns The energies of beautiful souls that have been rushing stressfully around in our modern world like busy bees, whilst assisting them to wellness in their mind, body & spirit.
What makes reiki stand out from other ‘complementary medicines’ is that Reiki masters, such as myself, can harness the universal energetic connection to work virtually – from a distance…
Ie; you go about your day perhaps without noticing the Reiki Master at work instead of attending their workplace.
Wellness however, like the rest of life, ’tis a life long adventure, it cannot be
achieved in just one attunement…
Thus why I’m currently devising a guided reiki journey for all whom wish to try this path to be launched in 2018.
I look forward to guiding you to wellness beautiful soul, till then.
Tracey L. Bhattarai
Reiki Master Practitioner, Cert. NH
Registered Natural Healer, NHS