Our Love Story.

The moment I first saw you,
My heart took to fluttering,
My head ‘swelled’, body ‘melted’,
My thoughts started scattering.

Then I got to hold you close,
The world outside vanished,
All that mattered to me was us,
Whilst problems magically diminished.

Facing our issues hand in hand,
Doing our utmost best as a team,
Living and growing all together,
Though at times it seems a dream.

Problems, sickness, financial stress,
Like most we’ve had our share,
Yet we’ve gone on, growing stronger,
Finding our own harmonious flare.

Your achievements and progression,
Fill me with pride right thru my core,
Of all the people on this planet,
‘Tis you I love and adore. 


New Year pep talk.

Well, the new year is now here,
Time to stop procrastinating my dear,
Get on out and achieve your goals,
Live your dreams, succeed in new roles,
Make a realistic new years resolution,
Perhaps study at a new institution.

Whatever it may just happen to be,
Do your best to do it correctly,
For if you don’t give it your all,
Less will catch you if you fall,
So pack away that christmas tree,
‘n’ get doing what makes you happy.

However, don’t forget to find,
Time each day to relax, unwind,
Otherwise you’ll just burn on out,
Be so overloaded you’ll scream ‘n’ shout,
Thus take time enjoying little things,
You’ll be amazed at the good it brings.

Now off you go, ignite that mind,
Rise up above the daily grind,
Spend time with friends, get some sun,
Before you know the year’ll be done,
Life is short so don’t you quit,
Find your groove and go for it!

‘Tis the festive season…

Pudding, turkey, ham and pie,
’tis the festive season that is nigh,
Tinsel, garland and candy canes,
Join light strings in window panes,
Shopping centres humming with sound,
As great gifts are trying to be found.

Santa clauses in displays are placed,
A sparkly festive atmosphere is faced,
Catchy music now constantly playing,
Family and friends all come staying,
Christmas trees are up and decorated,
Hiding away for some is contemplated.

Christmas ‘magic’ starts filling the air,
Its spirit creeping in most everywhere,
Songs, laughter, smiling children’s faces,
Mistletoe hung around near fire places,
Festive decorations are near and far,
There’s even furry antlers on the car.

Holiday festivities fast on the rise,
As some give stressed or joyful cries,
Feasts, games, decorations and gifts,
Siblings caught up in holiday tifts,
Summer sun or white winter snow,
Festive celebrations are all go.

Outdoor activities are a rage,
Creating holiday fun for any age,
Families gathering round the tree,
Singing carols in christmas harmony,
Hope your festive season is magical thru,
As we send seasons greetings to you!


Every year on All Hallows’ Eve it’s said,
People celebrate magic, and the dead,
Carving pumpkins and trick or treating,
Horror stories send imaginations fleeting,
Costumes, parties, prayers for those past,
Whilst pranksters have a horrific blast.

Mischief and magic are all in the air,
Making most stop and surprisedly stare,
There be ghosts, witches, goblins too,
Out to be fun, spooky and scare a few,
Jack’o’lanterns are carved and well lit,
Spooking all till the flames finally quit.

There’s children going door to door,
Collecting lots of sweet treats galore,
Some look sweet, others a bit scary,
Just a basic sheet or warewolf hairy,
All having plenty of Halloween fun,
Till bed time when it’s all over, done.

Candles and lanterns are lit to recall,
Loved ones that are passed, of us all,
Some say this is a time they come visit,
Be they a gentle spirit or rather explicit,
It certainly would be one scary night,
For living who experience such a plight.

So whether you go bobbing for an apple,
Or in diy craft and lanterns you dabble,
Be prepared for someone to at least try,
To make you jump surprised as you go by,
Perhaps it be a movie to give you a fright,
Either way, enjoy yourself this Halloween night!

Fire Dance

One small spark, a flicker, a sharp little pop,
Whips of smoke dancing on up through the top,
As flames start their wild uncontrollable dance,
Victims are captured in a dangerous trance.

Burning all that enters its wild, ravenous path,
Leaving behind a dead, black ash aftermath,
Yet on it continues, gaining great size and speed,
Destroying all it can grasp, whether it fauna or seed.

Be it alive or deceased, to it doesn’t matter,
It is only phased by rains heavy pitter patter,
Or a firefighter in their rather big red truck,
Hoping to extinguish it with a touch of luck.

Yet on it does go, burning more and more still,
Curling up sky high trees, then up a tall hill,
Then down it dies, till it’s out of flame and flare,
For now it has run right out of fuel or air.

When it’s finally, completely all blacked out,
Those left give a relived, celebratory shout,
Cleaning up, rebuilding, and burying the dead,
Must now be done, even if it’s a task to dread.

As the lands splendour is slowly regained,
Looking quite revived, less fire ash stained,
Though a worrying subject on everyone’s mind,
Is when fire will once again dance in this kind.

Mind Play

Small, soft, rubber like,
Slowly reaching for the sky,
Widening as it slowly grows,
Till complete maturity is nigh.

Growing right up through its top,
Getting rather thick and very tall,
Roots slowly stirring right through,
Like sticky water in a tiny little ball.

As it’s maturity grows so, so close,
Ever near to its very highest peak,
As the future looks so vastly clear,
The past is now real dark and bleak.

Then winds gust and thunder roars!
Sticky sap now bellows on up inside,
As a hot volcano builds to violently,
Rupture right across the countryside!

Then ever all so extremely suddenly,
It’s very own top completely explodes,
Everything just goes all everywhere!
Then around again its cycle goes.

Waiting… with times metronome.

Tick, tock, tick, tocks the clock upon the wall,
Sending a quiet reminder out to one and all,
Whether it be flying on by, right away from you,
Or crawling along slowly till it finally strikes two,
That time is still continuing, even if it seems so still,
And how you use that time is what can really kill.

Perhaps you’re a child sitting patiently in a class,
Just waiting anxiously for the rest of the time to pass,
Someone waiting in a long line at a rather busy store,
After shopping around for their purchases galore,
A fisherman waiting on his biggest catch to bite,
Or maybe you’re waiting for next Saturday night.

The nervous groom awaiting his beautiful bride,
An equestrian waiting for their next big ride,
A pregnant mother awaiting her unborn child,
Whose fears and anxiety go from severe to mild,
To think at some point down the future track,
She will be waiting for her ‘help’ to come on back.

We seem to spend a lot of time just waiting,
It seems to be necessary to our patience creating,
Helping prepare us for life’s many test after test,
Giving us time to contemplate, learn and rest,
Providing we use our time waiting with care,
We may productively become further than there.

For in our lives so short, we have little precious time,
That wasting any seems our greatest personal crime,
Yet we spend so much rushing to get so little done,
The next thing we may know it is almost all gone,
And we then say it’s all flown past so very quick,
But still the clock goes the same tick, tock, tick!

Here come the trucks!

Here come the trucks,
With fully laden loads of hay,
From our massive countries west,
To assist drought stricken farmers,
Who though struggling to go on,
Are still doing their utmost best.

Driving right across our country,
In one massive long convoy,
They’re simply just amazing to see,
All the different truckies, farmers, families,
Coming together to help those in need,
To the best of their ability.

As they near their destination,
Excitement starts filling the air,
Locals are out to help and cheer,
All relieved they’ve made it here okay,
Hopefully without too many hurdles,
On their lengthy trip right over here.

Next morning everything’s a buzz,
With machinery working swift and hard,
Unloading, stacking and reloading hay,
From the convoy onto smaller trucks,
For farmers and graziers so grateful,
To all that have helped send it their way.

Within days the hay’s all gone,
To the sheds of those whom received,
Hay from the amazing convoy great,
To which their starving stock they’ll feed,
And all those involved should be so proud,
For helping reduce the previous fate.

O’ Mother Nature

O’ Mother Nature dear,
You haven’t seen what you’ve done I fear,
The land once green is now all sun burned,
Rain down here is now constantly yearned,
Yet there are only fluffy clouds a teasing,
A week of rain would be rather pleasing.

Struggling hard are those on this dry land,
All doing their best to lend a helping hand,
Everything alive trying to make it through,
From crops to stock and all wildlife too!
Even the mighty gum tree standing tall,
Has leaves dry and crunchy that now fall.

Life preserving water is evaporating fast,
Trusted dams and waterholes may not last,
Becoming nothing but drying mud then dust,
N bones of those whom for a drink did lust,
Perhaps dried grass and a dead water plant,
Some reviving rainfall could you please grant.

O’ Mother Nature if you could please,
Just send us all a light, whispy, little breeze,
Let there be some rain in that big grey cloud,
Not necessarily thunder as it is so very loud,
Please save what is left before it is too late,
For it will not last long at this current rate.